Acquiring new property leads is time-consuming, with countless phone calls, emails, and research.

Whether you are a big real estate agency or an independent agent, you know that the key to your success is the speed you acquire new information and respond to your inquiries. 

Automate this process by integrating our Lead Generator Form into your website visitors’ experience on-site; social followers including Facebook fans or Twitter followers; or email subscribers in order for them to receive automated sales or rent estimates within seconds of filling out their property info

A great example would be Nikos who was able to see his Real Estate Firm email marketing activity produce over 50 valuated leads with one newsletter campaign using our system!

Nikos’s goal was to send a newsletter to his subscribers, providing valuable tips and information on what plays a critical role in a property valuation. Since the topic was pretty relevant, he thought he could trigger his subscribers’ curiosity to learn their property value by placing our Lead Generator Form link inside his email. 

Lead generator shareable link was embedded here,

The results were stunning since more than 20% of the people who clicked fill-up the form and received an automated estimation for their property.
With this creative way to engage with his potential clients, Nikos’ Real Estate firm gained valuable information for more than 50 off-market real estate opportunities.

Receiving insights such as estimated property worth, property condition, location, and owners’ readiness to sell might take hours, if not days.

Lead generator makes it as simple and quick as a click of a button, saving Nikos and his team time, providing instant value to their visitors, and allowing them to focus on more significant activities for themselves and their clients.

With Estate Brains tools we are able to increase our brand exposure by giving engaging information and value to clients, directly from all of our channels. Receiving property information from AVM reports now plays a significant part in our sales team’s efficiency, saving us time during our calls with clients.



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