Introduction to Brik

Brik is a dynamic real estate agency based in Athens, Greece, specializing in residential property sales. Based on their goal to eliminate inefficiencies and utilize technology at the right spots, so they can make the home buying experience as simple and fast as getting a coffee, Brik discovered the opportunity of enhancing its lead generation, sale conversion, and property valuation processes by using our platform

Marketing – Attracting Customers

Brik teamed up with us, and by using our cutting-edge real estate analytics and our integrated AVM (Automated Valuation Model) API, we created a powerful online property valuation tool. Brik’s agents utilized our AVM through API & Web App to generate fast and precise property valuations and gain valuable insights into the latest local market trends.

Brik’s Free valuation landing page

Brik then launched targeted online ads, social media campaigns, and email campaigns to drive traffic to their special purpose landing page, where potential clients could acquire a free property valuation report in exchange for submitting their property details. Within the first months of implementing the AVM API, Brik generated over 400 leads and achieved a remarkable conversion rate of over 20%.

Sales – Optimizing Workflow and Enhancing Decision-Making

By incorporating our AVM & Property Market Report into its marketing and sales workflow, Brik is able to optimize its operational efficiency and provide superior customer service to its clients. Brik’s agents no longer needed to input data for each property valuation manually, and they are able to generate accurate valuations in a matter of seconds. Moreover, our Property Valuation Report provided Brik’s agents with comprehensive property data and deep insights into local market trends, which they used to make informed pricing decisions and maintain a competitive edge in the market. The tool helps Brik’s agents to set realistic expectations for their clients, minimizing the risk of overpricing or underpricing.


The implementation of the AVM API led to impressive results. The landing page generated a significant number of leads, which Brik’s agents were able to convert into loyal and satisfied clients. Our Real Estate Analytics empowered Brik to save time and enhance precision in their property valuations, resulting in increased conversions and a more effective pricing strategy.Overall, Brik’s triumphant incorporation of an AVM API demonstrates the power of utilizing innovative technology solutions in the real estate industry. By leveraging the potential of automation, Brik was able to streamline its operations, attract more leads, and provide

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